The Benefitis Of Outsourcing Medical Cleaning

Feb 11, 2015

Woman cleaning hospital hallWith the amount of outbreaks at medical facilities increasing in recent years such as Ebola, society needs to ask themselves is there a flaw in our current system?

When facts were observed medical experts concluded that medical facilities are at a higher risk of exposure to infectious disease than any other workplace environments.

The CDC has confirmed that for the last 8 decades the 5 main types of infections and pathogens contracted in health care and medical facilities are

  • Bloodstream 28%
  • Staphylococcus
  • Wounds 18%
  • Gastrointestinal tract 15%
  • Pulmonary 13%

Research has shown an increasing rate in the shortage of medical staff, even leading some experts calling it a “Global crisis.” – The Internet Journal of World Health and Societal Politics.

Medical staffs, in general, tend to work excruciating hours that have them feeling exhausted, now add in the shortage of medical staff that increases not only their hours but the workload of the existing medical staff.

Nearly any person who is overworked becomes more stressed leading them to be rundown, when an individual becomes rundown they statistically have a weakened immune system, thus putting them at more risk for pathogens, infections, illnesses, and even diseases.

36% of medical facilities reported having an unsafe workload at least weekly

What are the other dangers of having an overworked staff?

  • Increases risk factor for depression in employees, by 15 times
  • Contamination of work environment
  • Proper cleaning and sanitation procedures at risk for being incomplete or overlooked

A Doctor who wished to remain anonymous had this to say “We are already working 200 per cent of our capacity; we haven’t got enough flexibility. The biggest problem is massive workload.”

What if there are patients?

“Up to 98,000 patients die each year in the hospital as a result of preventable medical errors,” – Henry Michtalik, MD, of Johns Hopkins University, and colleagues.

“Excessive workloads caused nearly a quarter of hospitality’s surveyed to say they’d ordered potentially unnecessary tests, procedures, or consultations due to inadequate time with a patient, while similar numbers said overwork “likely contributed” to patient transfers, morbidity, or mortality,” – ResearchJAMA.

What can be done to help prevent overworked, rundown medical staff and facilities? 

Outsource the medical cleaning to a reputable company like Greenville SC’s Summit Janitorial. By outsourcing, you allow the medical professionals to stay focused on the areas they should be, not wasting their valuable time in areas better suited for janitorial professionals such as the qualified techs at Greenville SC. 

Why Greenville SC’s Summit Janitorial? Because they know “Proper cleaning techniques save lives.” 

Benefits for the community and medical staff when choosing Greenville SC for medical cleaning

  • Happier medical staff whose workloads have now been lightened
  • More hours can be dedicated to patients
  • Lessen the risks of outbreaks and/or epidemics
  • Outsourcing will give facilities more space to dedicate to medical needs instead of cleaning products
  • Licensed, bonded and insured employees
  • AAAHC accreditation and Medicare certification
  • Odor free cleanser
  • Sanitation of all touchable surfaces
  • TBcide products used in all operating rooms

When deciding on who is the better choice to be cleaning medical facilities, please ask yourself this one question, “You wouldn’t hire a janitor to do a nurses job, so why have a nurse do a janitor’s job?”

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