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Mar 1, 2012

When people come in and out of your business, they leave behind bits of food, dirt, pet dander, and other flotsam and jetsam; it’s a normal part of life. But if these materials are allowed to accumulate, they start deteriorating your carpets. At Summit Janitorial our specialty is carpet cleaning. Greenville businesses can benefit from our professional expertise and reliable service, and extend the life of their carpeted floors. We utilize the latest in carpet cleaning methods, supplies, and equipment.

Our Steam Cleaning Process

We use the deep cleaning process recommended by most carpet fiber manufacturers: steam cleaning. Our spray-powered steam cleaning process removes soil and debris efficiently and thoroughly. Our equipment initially shoots steam into the carpet fibers at high pressure. Then a vacuum unit with a great deal of suction picks up the resulting combination of water, vapor, and carpet debris. This leaves you with a carpeted floor that is fresh and clean, and has no leftover residue to deal with.


We often find it helps to use a pre-conditioner. This is a heated detergent solution that is applied to the carpet and allowed to “soak in” (it actually emulsifies) for about fifteen minutes before we do the actual steaming. This process helps to separate out the soil and debris particles from the carpet fibers.

The Benefits

Steam cleaning your carpets is best because:

  • The high temperature of the steam kills molds, fungus, and bacteria, thus increasing the health quality of your building environment.
  • Unlike other methods, steam cleaning leaves no lingering residue.
  • The strong pressure of the steaming and suctioning cleans your carpets effectively and uniformly.

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