A Clean Workplace Keeps Your Employees Happy and Efficient

Jun 5, 2019

You are probably comfortable walking barefoot in your home toilet, warming food in your microwave, eating a sliced apple that has fallen on your dining table and even using your handkerchief after picking it on the floor. Could you still use the same handkerchief if it dropped on your office floor without thinking of sterilizing first? Have you spotted any of your employees opening the door with a tissue holding the handle or laying some piece of cloth on their chair before sitting? Such acts are a clear show that the level of hygiene in your company is low, and neither your employees nor your clients are comfortable with the level of cleanness.

Why Do You Need A Clean Work Environment?

Clean WorkplaceThe workplace is the second home for your employees. Below are some of the reasons why you ought to ensure it is clean and organized:

  • With employees who are too cautious of interacting with office items, productivity is bound to be negatively affected as employees concentrate more on keeping themselves safe than improving their performance.
  • You may lose valuable employees who cannot compromise working in a dirty office. You might as well face difficulties acquiring new talent as most of them may be turned off by the polluted environment and even associate it with poor working conditions.
  • A dirty workplace is quickly associated with inferior quality goods and services, and it’s enough reason to lose potential clients.
  • Employees are the new marketing channels in businesses, and unhappy employees will share their work dissatisfaction with their friends and relatives, and your brand will be tainted.

Why You Need To Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

Cleaning the workplace may sound simple and straight forward, but the reality is that not everyone can do it right. Poor cleaning can lead to long term accumulation of dirt, causing permanent stains. A dirty office can also turn to be a breeding ground for bugs and good accommodation to rodents. You need to hire a professional cleaning company to carry out cleaning that you can trust, and below is why:

  • A cleaning company is professional and hence understands the proper way to sanitize, dust, and clean your office space.
  • Hiring a cleaning company saves time for employees to concentrate on what is important. Making your employees do the cleaning can make them lose morale in the job.
  • Dirty air hosts several airborne pollutants that are a health hazard to the employees. More sick-offs mean lesser productivity and strain on the remaining employees.
  • A clean office makes healthy and happy workers.
  • A cleaning company is better equipped with the necessary supplies for every type of cleaning.

Summit Janitorial is a commercial cleaning company in Greenville that has been serving for over two decades. Our clients come from different sectors, including the retail industry, churches, warehouses, business offices, day-cares, medical facilities etc. No work is too small or too big for us. Among our services is restroom sanitization, floor maintenance, and steam cleaning. We are available any time you are ready as well as flexible to any new schedule. You can contract us from once per week to daily. We understand our clients’ varied needs and customize our cleaning solutions to fit every company. Whether your company needs careful cleaning because of some dangers involved, or a thorough cleaning to clear stains, we are here to help you. Our cleaning staff are also professional and consistent in delivering excellent services.

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