How Cleaning Companies Can Save Your Business Money

Nov 20, 2014

Professional cleaners team workingA clean and attractive business could be one of a business owner’s most important assets. Customers equate cleanliness with success. If your business is clean, customers will feel comfortable about doing business with you. Sanitary environments encourage customers to return to your establishment again and again. You may not have time to clean the business yourself or your employees are busy taking care of your customers. One of the simplest and smartest investments that you can make is to hire a cleaning company.

Save Time and Money

Hiring a cleaning company can save you time and money. The old saying that time is money is true. For every minute that an employee is on the clock, you are paying wages, benefits, insurance and taxes. If you have a full time cleaning person, chances are good that he or she is not cleaning the business 100% of the time. Even if they are, they may not be using the most efficient methods. Consequently, the more time that they are spending on this task, the more money it costs you.

If you hire employees to clean your business, you will incur some associated start up costs. Advertising, training, supervision, and material costs will need to be paid when you hire in-house crews. Hiring a cleaning company is as simple as interviewing and selecting the right match for your business. A professional cleaning company has already incurred the costs of hiring and training staff members. A good cleaning company will also be well versed in the most efficient cleaning methods and processes. Similarly, a professional company will be knowledgeble of city and state health regulations, and can ensure that your business is in compliance.

Save on Equipment and Materials Costs

Another benefit of hiring a contracted company is material and equipment. To do the same job as a cleaning company, you would need to invest in a commercial vacuum cleaner, commercial carpet cleaner, commercial floor waxer/buffer, commercial window cleaning equipment, and the associated cleaning materials for each. This could easily cost you thousands of dollars. You also need to train your in-house staff on the use, care and upkeep on all your equipment. You will need a place to store your equipment. You will need to know how to store and care for the chemicals used in cleaning. Depending on your city and state, there may be procedures for safely disposing of cleaning water and debris. The cleaning company will keep up-to-date on these processes. If you hire in-house employees, you will need to make sure that your business complies with city and state regulations.

Why do all of this when you could rely on a professional cleaning company to handle all of your cleaning needs? You are in your business because you’re an expert in your field. A good professional cleaner is an expert in their field. Let them use their expertise and know-how to keep your business clean, safe and healthy for your customers and employees.

Protect your bottom line by hiring a professional cleaning company. You can tailor your cleaning program to fit your budget. Unlike an in-house staff, the cleaning company only comes on the days and times you specify. You can also specify which services are performed and when. You have control over the cleanliness of your business. Save time and money and invest in a professional cleaning company.


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