Cleaning The Toilet Ring – What’s The Best Way?

Jun 3, 2013

Cleaning Tips: Best Technique for Toilet Ring

A Simple Tool Makes It A Snap

There’s something bothersome about staring down at your toilet and seeing that nasty ring staring back up at you. It’s created when minerals from the water deposit out on the inside of the toilet after the standing water evaporates.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult to get off. There are several methods often used, but the best way costs very little and only takes a minute.

Don’t Use Blades, Don’t Use Sand Paper

Image Credit: Aslettco at YouTube

This is Don Aslett, commercial cleaning expert, explains in the video above that many people like to use a type of blade to scrape the ring off.

But cold water can make the blade brittle and possibly break or chip. Don has seen blade chips fly up in people’s faces, and so he discourages this practice.

The other common method is to use sandpaper. The problem with sand paper is that it is too rough; it can damage the porcelain of the toilet.

The Best Method – Use a Pumice Stone

Image Credit: Aslettco at YouTube

Aslett points out in the photo above that the best way to clean your toilet is with an inexpensive pumice stone. The stone is available in most janitorial stores and costs only a $1.50. The pumice has a hardness of two and the porcelain a hardness of seven, so it can’t damage the porcelain.

You can use the pumice stone by simply running it the against the toilet ring. The ring should disappear in under a minute.

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