Qualified Medical Janitorial Services

Jan 1, 2013

With ever-increasing viral contagious deceases threatening our health and well being in both our homes and places of business, we at Summit Janitorial Services have educated and trained our staff members and cleaning crews on the proper methods of cleaning medical facilities.

Our employees have been professionally taught in the areas of:

  • Universal Precautions
  • OSHA Blood-Born Pathogens
  • Management of Contagious
  • Diseases Incident Reporting

Our crews detail all areas of your center. They disinfect all touchable surfaces and we use only odor-free cleaners in order to insure the comfort of patients and visitors. In sensitive areas we use TBcide products to sanitize all surfaces.

Our Clientele

Some of our services include Cancer centers, Stem cell research facilities, Health Care Centers and OR establishments. They trust and value our professional work at keeping their facilities safe and clean.

Testimonial for Medical Janitorial Service

Here is what one of our valued clients had to say about the quality of our services:

“Summit does all of our buildings where we are responsible for janitorial. We have been very pleased with them. If we have problems, they are very responsive and satisfactorily address the issues. I have been working with Todd since at least 1999, after firing a succession of unsatisfactory cleaning companies.”
P Addington – Director of Clinical Services

Contact the experts at Summit today for a free consultation and proposal.

Medical Janitorial Services

P.O. Box 26235 • Greenville, SC 29616

Phone: 864-277-3538

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