How to Hire a Cleaning Service that you can Trust

May 7, 2015

cleaning service you can trust

The first thing people see when they come to your place is how clean or dirty you are. A clean home or place work is a source of positive energy. You might have hired cleaning services before, but the results might have left you completely unsatisfied. With so many cleaning services out there, determining a janitorial service, residential or office cleaning service that you can trust is a challenge. However, there are cleaning experts out there who know will get your place looking great every time.

A personal referral is an ideal way to find a reliable cleaning service, but it is necessary to do the research and comparison shopping yourself. This will set a standard in your mind and increase the chances of making a choice that will leave you completely satisfied.

Here are tips to help you identify what to expect from a cleaning service before you bring them in:

What Services do they offer?

It is always advisable that you find out the services provided by the experts you intend to hire before you even contact them. Whether you need cleaning services for your office building, retail store, bank, church, bank, medical center or home you need first to assess the needs of your facility. Is it a condominium building, model home, a school or a daycare center? You need to determine the exact cleaning services you need and ensure the company offers them.

For Janitorial Services, choose a professional service that specializes in commercial cleaning, including floor maintenance and carpet cleaning. Outline all your cleaning needs to help you get a customized program.

For a residential cleaning services, be sure to look for qualified professionals for maximum results.


Look deeper into the cleaning service provider and find out who will be coming to help you with the cleaning. You want to be sure that you are paying for an expert job and that you are getting expert services too. A reputable cleaning service provider will monitor its staff on a regular basis. Apart from monitoring their performance, the company should also monitor their punctuality and cleanliness.

If possible, try to find out if the company has experienced and a well-trained staff. Are the employees fully licensed, bonded, and insured? Are the employees honest and reliable? Does the company own trained crews or does it use sub-contractors? Does the company welcome feedbacks and the opinions coming from the customers?


Look for a company that is thorough at their work for efficient results. Check out the type of equipment and technique the company uses and ensure that whatever they use for cleaning is safe. You need also to ensure that the service provider takes your needs into account and that they plan to provide the services as per your requirements.


Cost is a concern for many people as they think that hiring a provider is expensive. However, you need to keep in mind that these professionals clean your place, as well as the objects inside. It is also important to know that in hiring an unusually cheap provider, might save you some money, but you should not expect them to do much. Simply put, avoid taking the risk and instead, go for a service provider that is worth hiring

Be aware that regardless of how trustworthy the employees are, curiosity is human nature, so you need to lock any personal items that you really wish to keep away from prying eyes. It is also advisable that you pack away any precious item that could fall, break, or get stolen.

Having considered these pointers, it is now time to sit back and enjoy the cleaning experts provide the services to your specifications. You can now celebrate the shine as you take care of your clients, guests and those who matter most in your life. Your home or place of work may be simple but if it is clean, fresh and neat, it will earn you trust and respect from guests and clients.

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