Infection Control: How Janitors are Saving Your Life

Apr 7, 2014

Infection Control

As they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and at Summit Janitorial Services in Greenville, South Carolina, we are providing all manner of prevention with our medical cleaning services.  As a hospital administrator, you already know that some of the biggest threats to your patient’s health are found right inside the walls of your own medical hospital.  While medical professionals have long been aware of the alarming trend of drug resistant bacteria, they have typically met the threat with a studious hand-washing campaign designed to make the practice second nature.

Considering that the campaign coincided with the growth of MRSA, which has a propensity to stick to the skin, the hand-washing policy remains a valid defense however, researchers are now discovering that  the most dangerous bacteria are fully capable of hanging out on all the inorganic material that exists in a hospital.  From doorknobs to bedrails to privacy screens, patients and hospital staff are susceptible to picking up a drug-resistant cootie at anytime, and that has health care professionals worried.  To meet this new threat however, they are not looking to the doctor’s lounge for help; they are looking in the janitor’s closet for succor and infection control.

Infection Control Begins at the Lowest Level of Hospital Hierarchy: The Janitorial Staff

According to a University Of Iowa Carver College Of Medicine study, the physical environment in hospitals is a breeding ground for contaminates.  The study found that 95% of the privacy curtains in thirty patient’s rooms were harboring MRSA bacteria, and when the curtains were replaced, more than 90% became re-infected within a week.

These results have prompted the Center for Disease Control, to acknowledge that these latest bacterial threats are as serious as health care workers’ contaminated hands.

“It forces us to raise the cleanliness of the hospital to a clinical issue, just as washing our hands is a clinical issue,” reported CDC medical epidemiologist, Cliff McDonald.

Unfortunately, the very people who are tasked with this important duty are typically viewed as the most replaceable and least trainable workers in the building.  If you need to ensure that your hospital environment is as clean as it can possible be in the battle against drug-resistant bacteria, then you need to call the Greenville janitor firm that already has the training and features medical cleaning as one of its core services: Summit Janitorial Services.

Medical Cleaning and Infection Control at its Best…

Here at Summit Janitorial Services, we understand what is at stake when we go into clean a medical environment.  That is why all of our cleaning technicians go through an extensive training regimen designed to inculcate a thorough understanding of infectious pathogens.  As such, we fully train our people in four specific areas:

  • Universal precautions.
  • OSHA blood born pathogens.
  • Management of contagious diseases.
  • Incident reporting.
  • AAAHC Certification

We train our people to protect themselves, protect their client’s health, and protect the greater Greenville community through our superior Greenville janitor services and our close attention to detail.  That’s why we are trusted to clean the region’s hospitals, cancer centers, operating rooms, and emergency rooms throughout the area.

Call Us at Summit Janitorial Services to Protect Your Community…

If you need to get serious about the fight against bacteria, then you need to contact us to discuss our full array of products and services that we can bring to the table in that battle.  To begin with, we already know how important that mission is, and have tailored our training to meet that threat head on.  We are the Greenville janitor company that understands infection control, so call us for a free, no-obligation quote today so we can start cleaning the air tomorrow.


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