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Businesses in Spartanburg SC, generally need professional janitorial services. Not only is a commercial space typically too large for employees to handle themselves, but there are special cleaning protocols that should be followed for maximum cleanliness and sanitation.

However, the standards vary based on business type, facility, and traffic level. That’s why, at Summit janitorial service, we have a wide range of expertise. Let’s look briefly at the services we provide.

Janitorial Services Spartanburg SC

Our janitorial service is an all-in-one cleaning solution. We mop the floors, vacuum, clean the bathroom, dust the hard surfaces, clean the windows and make sure there’s enough soap, paper towels, and other sanitary supplies available. We even take out the trash.

In other words, this service level is an appropriate ongoing cleanliness regimen. We will let you know if more is needed, such as carpet cleaning.
Steam cleaning services and floor maintenance services in Spartanburg, South Carolina
Unfortunately, even with the best routine of mopping and vacuuming, both carpets and floors occasionally need maintenance. Our steam cleaning services are the commercial version of what you would receive at home when your carpet gets too dirty — a truck-mounted steam cleaning machine is run over your carpets to remove dust, dirt, and grime. We will also pretreat and use stain remover as necessary.

For hard floors, we offer waxing, stripping, and polishing services. These processes will help keep your floors cleaner for longer and extend the life of your flooring. Best of all, you can receive these services from the same company that does the rest of your janitorial services.

Spartanburg commercial janitorial
Spartanburg Janitorial Services

Spartanburg, SC, disinfection services

Sometimes having something to look and smell clean isn’t good enough. This is especially true when there is an epidemic, when your business works with food, or you need to protect against contamination. When this situation arises, household disinfectants are not good enough for commercial spaces.
Fortunately, at Summit Janitorial Service, we understand the importance of sanitation. For this reason, we offer an electrostatic disinfection service.

In this process, a technician will spray a very fine disinfecting mist all over your office or workspace. This disinfectant is environmentally friendly, and it’s safe for all surfaces. Best of all, you can ensure that your employees are as safe from pathogens as possible.

Medical cleaning services in Spartanburg, South Carolina
Ensuring safe and sanitary conditions in a medical setting is especially difficult. One reason for this is that there are a lot of blood-borne pathogens, airborne infectious diseases, and medical equipment that must be kept absolutely clean.

While medical technicians and sterilization machines take care of most medical equipment, rooms and surfaces still need to be disinfected. Our technicians have trained in the latest disinfection best practices and always wear proper PPE on the job site. Rest assured, whether you use our services occasionally as a substitute for regular staff or on a daily basis, we will do the best job possible.

Spartanburg, SC restroom sanitation services

Some businesses need restroom sanitation services more often than other tasks, such as dusting and vacuuming. That’s why we offer a standalone restroom service. This service includes thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting of all aspects of your company’s restroom. We will also replenish supplies, such as soap and paper towels, and take out the trash.

Spartanburg disinfection services

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