How To Keep Your Office Staff Healthy All Winter Long

Oct 12, 2019

Winter is finally here, and with it brings the flu and influenza break out. Winter creates an ambiance for germ build-up. It confines your staff indoors only depending on the air conditioning systems for fresh air. Poor ventilation results in a warm moist environment that favors germ and bacteria accumulation and survival. Your office occupants inhale exhaust air from colleagues and visitors, increasing the risk of airborne diseases.

Statistics show that the average germ and bacteria found on the surface on an office desk is 400 times more than that found on a toilet seat. Is your office safe this winter? Regular cleaning keeps your office space germ free. It is the most effective way to keep your staff healthy. Reduce the sick time that costs the company millions by hiring a good commercial cleaning company. Here are some tips to keep your office staff healthy

Keep your office Tidy

Keep Your Office Staff HealthyKeeping your office space clean involves cleaning it thoroughly and routinely. Your staff may not handle the cleaning since they have been busy all day making money for the firm. They are tired and looking forward to a restful evening. To keep your office staff healthy will be morally devastating. The results will be a poorly cleaned office space that exposes the business to external scrutiny because of its state of untidiness. We organize the workplace, making it presentable for clientele to do business with your firm. The first impression from your premises can help win those deals your employees have been struggling to close.

Maintain germ-free status

Office staff productivity depends on their working environment and health. In summit janitorial services, we provide services that will guarantee staff productivity. We understand that a healthy individual is more productive than a sick one. To keep your office staff healthy, we let keen experts handle your office cleaning. Our team will thoroughly clean and disinfect the toughest hard to reach corners, your staffs’ health is our priority. A clean environment leaves little to be desired, leading to contentment among employees.

Disinfect shared appliances

Germs linger in the office because of traffic from colleagues and visitors. Each one of them comes from a different environment that exposes them to various germs. Germs last long from 2 to 8 hours and can survive all the way into the workplace. Elevator buttons, doorknobs, computer keyboards and monitors, and coffee pots are some common places where germs are exchanged. Our professional cleaners disinfect these areas to limit germ accumulation and exposure.

Sanitize your hands

Winter encourages regular visits to the washroom and kitchen. These common grounds have the highest germ accumulations. Here, employees will be exposed to germs and bacteria that can cause diarrhea, ear infection, and strep throat. Viruses causing cold, influenza, and flu are common too. We include antibacterial hand wash to sanitize your hands after touching germ-infested surfaces. Ensure that you use antibacterial hand sanitizer provided after visiting the washroom and before snacking.

Clean your AC.

Besides cleaning and disinfecting, we replace filters in AC systems to ensure minimum germ presence in the air. Air circulation in a clean office relies on the regular maintenance of HVAC systems. Maintaining air quality is essential for healthy staff

Don’t let this winter ruin your business. Let us handle your office cleaning for you to keep your office staff healthy. Summit janitorial services have a 25year consistent reputation in cleaning Upstate.

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