Keeping Your Greenville Business Clean Increases Profits

Nov 10, 2017

When it’s cold and snowy outside, you’ll see people spending more time inside. Christmas shoppers are out in full force right now – is your business ready? If you’ve put up your “sale” signs, hung up tinsel and ornaments, and decorated the trees, you’re halfway there. All the garlands in the world can’t hide a dirty business, and dust and grime won’t get you on Santa’s Nice List. To increase profits this winter, it’s important to keep your Greenville business clean.

Keeping your Greenville Business cleanDid you know that customers stay longer in a clean store, and spend more money? They do – a clean, inviting environment welcomes people to stay and browse. Shoppers trust a clean business more than a dirty one and will want to spend more money on goods from the clean store. For many customers, clean isn’t just neat and tidy. They expect the floors to be dry and spot-free, the checkout area free of sticky mess and debris, and (perhaps most importantly for families with small children) clean and well-stocked restrooms.

Great – now that you know what your customers expect, it’s time to get those salespeople and cashiers sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing. Well, maybe not. A similar study found that employee productivity and satisfaction increases in a clean environment, and employee turnover decreases. However, employees that weren’t hired for janitorial duties (for instance, salespeople, cashiers, or managers) report more resentment and job dissatisfaction when asked to perform deep cleaning and janitorial tasks.

As a smart business owner, this leaves you in a bit of a pickle. Your customers want a clean store, your employees want a clean store, but no one wants to clean it. That’s where we come in. Summit Janitorial Services performs professional cleaning for offices and retail businesses. We are the most trusted name for cleaning your Greenville business. Our staff is trained to clean all areas of your store, without disturbing your merchandise displays. We clean the floors, shelves, check out stands, and all touchable surfaces. When it’s cold and flu season, especially, you want to keep your establishment as clean as possible.

Summit Janitorial Services has over 20 years of experience in the Greenville area, cleaning both retail spaces and office buildings. Our staff is bonded and insured, which gives many business owners extra reassurance. We bring our own cleaning chemicals and equipment, which helps our clients from having to store wet mops, or have an OSHA-approved chemical rack. We know the right product to disinfect, shine, and clean up tough to get up stains. With snow, slush, and winter street cleaning, your floors are subject to a lot of extra dirt and grime. We help keep them dry and clean so that there is no lingering smell. Finally, we clean and sanitize your restrooms, and keep them fully stocked so you don’t have to worry about it.

When you need a cleaner store, trust the professionals at Summit janitorial. Just like you’d consult a doctor if you’re sick, let our experienced team do the cleaning for you. We customize each service for size and business needs. Call or go online to schedule a consultation today.

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