Keeping Your Patients Healthy is Our Priority Too!

Jan 10, 2018

It is no doubt that good cleaning helps stop the spread of germs. Germs and other microscopic organisms associated with dirt cause diseases and other infections. Health facilities are particularly sensitive areas, they require particular attention during cleaning, and Summit Janitorial is the perfect professional cleaning company for the job. We are well equipped, and our cleaning experts will go an extra mile in ensuring that your medical office is sparkling clean.

Summit Janitorial understands that keeping your patients healthy comes first and so is our satisfaction. It is for this reason that Summit offers a clean environment and ensures that we get rid of acquired infections by complying with all the set industry standards, providing a sterile environment and working with advanced equipment and supplies that are free from germs and contaminants.

keeping your patients healthyHaving dirty offices especially in a healthcare facility can be scarier than we can imagine. Having a clean medical office influences the patients’ health in many ways. First, touchable surfaces in the office e.g.doors and handles may appear to be clean, but they may transfer germs, which a medical officer may transfer to or from sick patients. Summit janitorial knows exactly how to get rid these germs by sanitizing your office and all medical instruments, and thus increasing work output significantly.

Statistics show that 1in 10 people checked in a hospital will get infected, a situation that can very easily be avoided with proper and professional cleaning. Hiring a professional to clean medical equipment is crucial because:

  • We Provide a healthy environment for all. Medical facilities are all prone to germs and bacteria. It is their healthiest breeding ground since they are attached to all surfaces including curtains and the equipment too. Summit janitorial leaves no spot untouched, and you can rest assured that your health is at the minimal chance of infection.
  • They are consistent: This is because summit Janitorial cleaners provide continuous service that is quality guaranteed and reliable even during holidays and off days.
  • It ensures that hospital absenteeism of employees is minimized due to acquired infection. This ensures that the hospital staffs keep the patients healthy and tend to them round the clock.
  • Summit Professional cleaners are experienced and well equipped to pay considerable attention to detail than in-house cleaning staff would. They will clean every nook and cranny due to professional training and experience.

Germs are everywhere and in times of a disease outbreak like flu, hiring professional cleaners, like Summit is the best chance of staying protected. This is because they know the surfaces to clean, how to clean, places to pay attention to and the correct type of cleaners to use for sanitation.

Cleaning after yourself can appear like a smart cleaning option but in most cases, it is not because you lack proper training. Surfaces may also appear clean but in essence harbor germs. They could host millions of disease-causing germs.

Most medical officers spend a lot of time in their offices, and some even carry out tests and meet sick patients there. It is for this reason that they should prioritize on hiring professional cleaners to do their cleaning. This will save time, the energy that would have otherwise been used to keep patients healthy and save on costs as well. We at Summit Janitorial prioritize patients’ health, and it is why we are committed to keeping your working places clean and germ-free as much as possible.

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