Medical Cleaning Service

Aug 1, 2011

Cleaning services that take place in surgical suites, patient care rooms, and other medical environments must meet exceptional requirements and they receive the utmost detailed attention from our staff.

At Summit, our medical cleaning service provides:

  • The latest in proven medical cleaning techniques
  • State of the art cleaning solutions specifically designed for medical facilities.
  • Well-trained crews that have the knowledge and expertise needed to provide excellent medical cleaning.

The Right Chemicals

We clean surgery centers, operating rooms, and cancer centers – where infection control is very important, and we have a checklist of approved chemicals for different specific situations. Did you know that bleach does not kill TB? The knowledge of the right chemical to use in each situation is critical.

Trained Medical Facility Cleaning Staff

We provide the extra medical cleaning training for our health-care janitorial crews and follow up with close supervision to assure the facility is cleaned correctly to medical standards. We use:

  • Specialized medical grade equipment
  • Appropriate chemicals and supplies that match the requirements of your particular facility.

General Medical Cleaning and Beyond

In addition to general medical cleaning service, Summit Janitorial provides hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other patient facilities with carpet cleaning, hard floor care, and upholstery cleaning. In addition, we provide service for medical facilities of any size. We are familiar with the specialized cleaning protocols necessary for smaller health care providers (such as private practice offices, birthing centers, outpatient care and drop in clinics), as well as the requirements for larger health-care facilities such as medical labs, public hospitals, and emergency room clinics.

Summit Janitorial: The Upstate’s Sterilization and Disinfection Experts

Sterilization or disinfection are requirements that are commonly required for cleaning various areas of a medical facility. Sterilization refers to cleaning with powerful chemicals that destroy all known microbial life. Disinfection is different in that it means killing specific types of pathogens and microorganisms. At Summit, we know our chemicals, and we use the effective approved solutions that match the needs of your medical environment.

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