Comprehensive Training for our Crews

To ensure the best quality, each employee receives specific, extensive training for medical cleaning procedures. Our training focuses on four different areas:

  • Universal Precaution
  • OSHA Blood-Born Pathogens
  • Management of Contagious Diseases
  • Incident Reporting

Our Medical Services include:

  • Disinfecting with TBcide products in operating rooms
  • Sanitation of all touchable surfaces (doorknobs, countertops, tables, etc)
  • Facilitating AAAHC accreditation, Medicare certification*, and Joint Commission Certification

Medical Cleaning at Its Best

With the ever-increasing demand for a cleaner & safer work environment throughout the medical industry, we provide thorough, professional cleaning.

At Summit Janitorial, we’re local, committed, and experienced. We build and maintain solid relationships with our customers through exceptional quality and a well-trained staff. We provide customized services that match the needs of your medical facility precisely.

All Summit, employees abide by comprehensive checklists for medical cleaning procedures. We offer tuberculosis tests and Hepatitis B vaccinations for our employees to guarantee their health and safety while cleaning.

Contact us today about your medical cleaning needs.

*Summit Janitorial Services routinely facilitates AAAHC Accreditation and Medicare Certification. (AAHC Accreditation for Piedmont Surgery Center – June 2010, Medicare Certification for Piedmont Surgery Center – March 2010 and GHS Cancer Institute Joint Commission Certification 2012)