Cleaning Tips: Protect Your Fingers

Jun 3, 2013

Cleaning Tips: Protect Your Fingers

Simple Mistakes Can Hurt Your Fingers

Image Credit: Aslettco at YouTube

People tend to take cleaning for granted, and think there’s no need to be careful – but that can kind of thinking can lead to injured fingers. As Don Aslett explains in the video above, your fingers are wonderful devices that perform many functions throughout the day, and one mishap while cleaning can cause you to unable to use them like you want to for awhile.

Cleaning Solution Protection

Don is a cleaning safety expert and his line of “Clean in a Minute” videos on provide a wide variety of tips to help protect you when you’re cleaning.

For instance, how many times have you worked with cleaning solutions with your bare hands?

There may be chemicals in your cleaning solution that can damage your hand, causing dry skin and even burns if not treated carefully. Aslett suggests wearing a pair of inexpensive rubber gloves as shown in the above photo. They provide a good barrier between you and the cleaning solution.

Vacuum Cleaner Dangers

Image Credit: Aslettco at YouTube

Few people would think that vacuuming is a cause of concern for their fingers. But accidents occur when people want to check the suction, or want to know if the beater brush is working. They reach down and put their fingers on the bristles when they’re still rotating – and next thing they know they’ve got a broken finger!

So learn from Don’s mistakes, and don’t do it!

Proper Mop Safety

  • If you think wringing out your string mop with your hands is a good idea, consider this: When you mop, small but dangerous items like tacks, rivets, etc. can get caught inside.
  • If you wring it out with your hands, those items can easily cut your fingers.

So always use a mechanical wringer with a mop.

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