Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections With A Professional Cleaning Service

Oct 5, 2017

Statistics show that 80,000 people die every year from hospital-acquired infections and that 1 in 10 people that are checked into a hospital will get infected. The good news is that this grim situation can be avoided. The remedy comes in the form of a professional cleaning service. Scientists agree that environmental hygiene is crucial in reducing hospital-acquired infections (HAI) and by extension the involvement of environmental service staff. There are many reasons why a medical facility should hire a professional cleaning service to take care of their cleaning needs. These include the following;

Healthy environment for all

reduce risk of hospital acquired infectionsIt is no secret that the hospital is awash with germs and harmful bacterial that make it a breeding ground for infections. Some illnesses and diseases such as hepatitis B, typhoid, and cholera tend to spread rapidly from one person to another. Bacteria and pests are also present in curtains and surfaces all over the hospital. If anyone comes into contact with these surfaces and forgets to wash their hands, they can spread them to everywhere they go or touch which will spread the bacteria even more. Hiring a professional cleaning service can help prevent the spread of the diseases to a great extent. This will ensure that the hospital staff, visitors, and patients will stay in a healthy environment. They will keep the rooms and common area clean as well as ensure that the curtains, call buttons, toilets and bed rails are sparkling clean.

Expertise and equipment

The best way to clean a hospital is by first cleaning it thoroughly with water, soap, scrubbing equipment and enzymes to get rid of dirt, dust, and other unwanted materials and then disinfecting the area with appropriate disinfectants. A professional cleaning service knows just how important it is to clean and disinfect a hospital, and they will go out of their way to ensure that they do it to perfection. Other kind of cleaners may not be keen to disinfect the surfaces after cleaning them which can have devastating consequences.


Professional cleaners also provide continuous services meaning that they will be available to work even during days off and holidays. This would ensure that things run smoothly at the hospital all year round which may not be the case if the hospital was relying on employees to do the work because it is hard to tell when they can be absent from work. With Summit Janitorial Company, you can be guaranteed of regular and reliable cleaning services whenever you need it regardless of the day and time.

Eliminate staff absenteeism due to Hospital Acquired Infections

Hiring professionals to do the cleaning is also beneficial to the hospital’s operations since it will ensure the hospital employees are in good health and they can come to work without fail. This is because if their working environment is dirty, they will be prone to falling sick and the rate of absenteeism due to sick offs will increase. Summit Janitorial Company is aware of how important it is to have full capacity employees in a hospital, and we will provide high-quality cleaning services so that your staff will not fall ill.

Hospital reputation

A professional cleaning service will also help maintain the good reputation of a hospital. Patients will avoid coming to the hospital if they notice the place is dirty or hear that people are falling sick due to the dirty environment. We will ensure that this does not happen as long as we are in charge of cleaning at the facility.

Attention to detail

Professional cleaners will also pay great attention to detail while cleaning the hospital. They are experienced in their work and will ensure that they clean every nook and cranny and leave the hospital spic and span.

Summit Janitorial Services is one such company that a hospital can rely on to reduce hospital acquired infections. Hiring Summit Janitorial Services will enable a hospital to enjoy all these benefits because we are dedicated to offering quality services to our clients. We will clean the hospital thoroughly, disinfect is and show up whenever we are needed no matter the time of the year.

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