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May 1, 2011

Rugs and carpeting instantly provide a reassuring atmosphere and rich sense of color in any building. But to help maintain them, it’s important to have them professionally cleaned on a regular basis. For Seneca carpet steam cleaning, Summit Janitorial is your best bet.

We not only clean all types of rugs and carpeting, but also upholstery, hard floors  and more. We specialize in all types of cleaning and janitorial services for residential and commercial locations in the Upstate.

What makes our Seneca carpet steam cleaning unique? Attention to details, like choosing the right chemicals that match your carpet material and work best for effective stain removal. Contact Summit Janitorial today to learn more about our carpet cleaning service, and why we feel our method is superior to the others.

Steam Carpet Cleaning is the Preferred Method

Cleaning carpets via shampooing does not clean as well as with steam cleaning, plus the foam from the shampoo dries and sticks to the fibers of the carpet, attracting more dirt because of it’s sticky nature.

The dry extraction method is where you work a dry absorbent into the carpet and then vacuum it up. It can be effective, but the downside is this: If afterward, you thoroughly vacuum the carpet, white powder can reappear and reduce your indoor air quality.

Cleaning your carpet with the bonnet cleaning method is very similar to the technique of cleaning your hard floors with a spray-buffing machine.  It’s important to check with the carpet’s manufacturer before using bonnet cleaning. Many of them recommend against this method, because of the wear and tear it creates on the carpet fibers.

Get in touch with the experts at Summit Janitorial today for a free quote for your Seneca carpet steam cleaning.

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