7 Things You Didn’t Know About Corporate Cleaning

Jul 14, 2016


corporate cleaning

Cleaning services in the corporate world are quite significant as they contribute to the greater safety and improved sanitary conditions of the offices. Corporate cleaning is however undervalued with many not actually knowing what it means to have the experienced cleaning procedures done on their premises. A misconception many office managers have is that the cleaning of the office is just a routine exercise that can be handled by any party. Well, here are 7 things you didn’t know about corporate cleaning.

Corporate cleaners are trained in healthcare

As the office is the location most individuals spend the better part of their day, it is imperative that the premises are kept clean and in conditions that sustain healthy living. Professionals in the corporate cleaning industry are trained in healthcare service and are therefore better placed to offer a clean environment ensuring all sections are checked for health hazards.

Expert knowledge

Corporate cleaners are trained professionals who have expert knowledge on cleaning procedures and what combinations work best. With expert knowledge, cleaning is handled perfectly and in top class fashion

Corporate cleaners are insured

A corporate cleaning company like Summit Janitorial is insured which means any damage during the cleaning process will be compensated fully. With general liability and an umbrella policy covering the cleaning process, all valuables in the office are insured to give the office manager peace of mind.

Consistency in quality of cleaning

Only a company that is experienced in corporate cleaning can guarantee consistency in the quality of the procedures. Hiring untrained cleaners will see the consistency in quality fluctuate since the systematic procedures may not be followed with each cleaning task.

Corporate cleaners are certified

Corporate cleaners are not only professionals in the field but are also the experts who have the threshold skills in cleaning procedures that can leave the office 100% clean. Gaining the skills is a process that involves stringent measures of certification which are what guarantee quality in service. With corporate cleaners certified by the CIMS, the cleaning processes are quality assured.

Green cleaning can be targeted

With the world targeting environmental responsibility by reducing pollution, only a corporate cleaning company like Summit Janitorial can structure green cleaning that will encourage sustainability and capture responsible disposal of waste, labelling of cleaning elements and effective storage of cleaning agents to avoid pollution.

Quality control

Outside cleaning experts who have years of experience in the cleaning processes are the only ones who can establish a quality control system that will manage the cleaning process. Within Greenville SC where adhering to quality standards is fundamental, structuring office cleaning to have a quality control mechanism is a task that will only be achievable when a professional office cleaning company is contracted to handle the process.

The bottom line

Hiring a professional office cleaning company like Summit Janitorial is the best solution to the cleaning headache many offices and companies face within Greenville SC. Office cleaning is not merely a singular process that can be handled by anyone with cleaning agents in their hands since it requires extensive knowledge and technical awareness. With all the mentioned positives to look forward to with every cleaning procedure, it is imperative that offices and commercial premises find a competitive and quality oriented corporate cleaning company like Summit Janitorial.

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