Anderson Carpet Steam Cleaning

Dec 1, 2011

If you are in charge of property maintenance for your office or workspace in Anderson, carpet steam cleaning is something you’re likely to be familiar with. At Summit Janitorial, we believe it’s the best. Let’s take a look at the other methods:

Carpet Shampooing

In this method, a liquid shampoo is applied to your carpet. The idea is that the shampoo will create foam that, when swished around in your carpet fibers, attracts soil. Then this foam + soil dries, and is removed by vacuuming.


In order to work, the shampoo must be very foamy – it must not get the carpet too wet, The most often used chemical for this is sodium lauryl sulfate, which produces a very stable and consistent foam. Unfortunately, it’s only a fair detergent, and you end up basically burying the dirt in a cloud of foam. And it dries to a residue that is soft and sticky instead of a nice dry powder, making it difficult to remove.

To get around this problem of leaving dirt in the carpet, shampoos often have optical brighteners, which make the carpet appear cleaner and brighter for a while. But over time, these brighteners give the carpet a yellow tint.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is done using a piece of equipment that is traditionally used for spray-buffing hard floor surfaces. A softer pad is attached to the machine, and cleaning solution can be added to it and to the carpet.


This approaches has a limited ability to remove soil. It leaves behind much of the cleaning solution in the carpet, since there’s no real method of extracting it.

Most carpet companies discourage bonnet cleaning because of the risk of distortion to the carpet pile and damage to the fibers.

Dry Powder Method

With this method, a dry absorbent powder is sprinkled over the carpet. A brush works the fiber in, and then the powder + soil is vacuumed up.


Unless the compound is thoroughly removed by vacuuming, a fine white powder can appear on shoes and cuffs of pants afterward. This powder can also reduce indoor air quality.

Steam Cleaning: The Way to Go

Once becoming familiar with the problems with other methods, it’s easy to understand why the staff at Summit Janitorial recommends the Steam Cleaning method for maintaining carpeted floors. Most carpet manufacturers recommend this method, and so do we. It uses a strong spray of water and detergent to force dirt out and then picks up the water and soil with a powerful vacuum into a holding tank.  There’s no “waiting for it to dry” – it is vacuumed up immediately.

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