Easley Floor Maintenance

Feb 1, 2011

Summit Janitorial can maintain the floors of your Easley business to keep them attractive and durable for years to come. We use state-of-the-art equipment and work efficiently to get the job done right with the minimum cost to you.

Experienced in the Greenville-Easley-Anderson Area

Providing excellent floor maintenance means being able to select the right combination of equipment, chemicals and process for specific situations. At Summit Janitorial, we are fully experienced and can resolve all types of floor cleaning problems including streaky finishes and swirly patterns.

The Right Equipment

For example, streaks in the floor’s finish can happen when floor maintenance providers allow the first application to dry completely before adding another coat, apply too many finish coats, or apply the finish too heavily.

Swirly patterns can happen if the floor maintenance team uses the wrong burnishing pad, or uses too slow or too fast a floor burnisher for the chosen burnishing pad.

The Right Chemicals

It’s important that your floor maintenance provider uses the correct chemicals and finisher for your type of floor. Otherwise, the flooring can be damaged, or the finish may not adhere to the flooring surface.

The Right Process

In floor maintenance, having the right process means everything. For example, did you ever wonder why sometimes floor finishes are so hard to remove? This can be prevented by making sure the floor crews leave the stripping solution on the floor for sufficient time before beginning their stripping process. This way the chemicals have time to do their job properly and they break down the old finish, making it easy to remove.

Contact Summit for Easley Floor Maintenance

For excellent and dependable service in the Easley area, call us at 864-277-3538. We have the know-how, the equipment and the proper chemicals for the job. Email us for a list of our happy customers, or visit our floor maintenance page to learn more about the types of floors we maintain.

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