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The Process of Industrial Cleaning

We are a professional cleaning services provider specializing in industrial and commercial workplace cleaning. Before providing you with a quote, Summit Janitorial Services will thoroughly assess your facility to determine the best approach to clean and sanitize all areas. We carefully go over everything with you to make sure we don’t miss anything.

  • Ready for a clean you can believe in? Contact Summit Janitorial Services today. We will come to your premises and offer a professional quote that includes personalized industrial janitorial services that meet your needs.
  • When you decide to work with us and agree with the quote we provide, we will move forward by having our area supervisor present your new cleaner to you.
  • Our standards are high! Once we start to clean for you, we will continue to monitor how satisfied you are with our industrial janitorial services.

Meticulous in All We Do

Doing the important work of cleaning things right matters to us. In all we do, we take care to send out skilled personnel with extensive cleaning knowledge and experience.

We Deliver Quality on a Consistent Basis

We know you don’t have time for re-dos. That’s why we make sure to do the job well, right from the very first visit, and every time we go to your industrial facility.

Janitorial Services in Anderson

Our Industrial Janitorial Services Include:

  • Vacuuming carpeted floors and surfaces
  • Sweeping and mopping hard floor surfaces, including linoleum, tile, laminate, and more
  • Dusting tables, ledges, shelves, office furniture, and other features
  • Emptying trash bins and replacing liners
  • Thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing all bathrooms, showers, sink areas, washing stations, and related spaces, including sinks, toilets, urinals, fixtures, doors, floors, partitions, and mirrors
  • Restocking bathroom tissue, paper towels, and soap items
  • Cleaning glass surfaces throughout, including mirrors
  • Doing any spot cleaning that might be needed
  • Using the right cleaners for an industrial environment
  • Knowing how to work safely and efficiently in industrial facilities
  • And more

Features and Benefits of Industrial Janitorial Services


Industrial Cleaning Knowledge: Looking for top-quality cleaning services delivered by experienced cleaners? Whatever you are looking for in a cleaning company, we are up to the task. That’s because we fully understand what goes into industrial janitorial services, and we train our people accordingly. You will notice from the start that our cleaners understand how to thoroughly clean industrial environments. Whether you run a warehouse facility, a manufacturing factory, a processing plant, or any other industrial facility, Summit Janitorial Services knows how to deep clean these unique spaces.

We Stay Up to Date: Our teams continually stay up to date on best cleaning practices and products for industrial environments. We make sure to apply the methods and techniques that will clean industrial spaces thoroughly while keeping everyone safe. What’s more, we prioritize efficiency.  

Insured and Bonded: For your safety and peace of mind, our cleaning business is insured and bonded. We’ll be happy to provide you with current documentation of our general liability insurance.

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Prompt, Courteous, and Professional: As a cleaning company that values great customer service, we make sure to show professionalism in all our interactions. Our teams are prompt, courteous, and respectful.

Consistent: With other services, you may notice a difference in quality depending on who shows up to clean your place. Not with us. We provide a consistent, high-quality clean every time.

Well-Organized: We take pride in our ability to stay well-organized. This means you don’t have to worry about schedules or whether a cleaner will show up on their assigned date. We’ll make sure they do.

Reliability: As a service provider, Summit Janitorial works hard to deliver reliable, quality cleaning services, every time.

References: Need references? We’ll be happy to provide them to you. Just ask, and we’ll deliver!

Trustworthy: As a cleaning and janitorial services provider in Greenville, SC, we believe in putting the customer first. We also believe our word matters. If we say we’ll do it, we will. Your trust matters to us. We understand you are entrusting us with access to your business. We will make sure to enforce procedures that safeguard your property.


Clean, Hygienic Environment: Our teams will provide a great cleaning experience and a consistent, high-standard cleaning every time, giving you a hygienic environment you can depend on.

A More Positive Workforce: When your industrial facility is clean and sanitized, you will notice something great about your workers – they will be more positive in their outlook when they’re working in a well-kept, tidy location. Not only will your staff be happier, but they’ll also likely be more productive, efficient, and enthusiastic.

Frees Your Time: Why waste your own time on keeping your industrial place clean when you can hire a professional cleaning business to do it for you? There’s no need to give up your time or burden your team members, who are busy with their own work, with the job of cleaning your facility. Outsourcing this important job to Summit Janitorial will give you the chance to focus on other matters while enjoying a clean and sanitary environment.

Cost-Effective Cleaning Services: We believe in charging fair prices. If you’ve been avoiding industrial janitorial services, talk to us. We think you might be pleasantly surprised by how affordable these indispensable services really are.

Maintain a Professional Image: Whoever walks into your warehouse or industrial facility will notice the level of cleanliness present. Make a positive impression and maintain a professional image by having your spaces cleaned on a regular schedule by an experienced, top-quality cleaning services provider.

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Ready to learn what our industrial janitorial services can do for you? Reach out to Summit Janitorial in Greenville, South Carolina today. We will be happy to provide detailed information about our services and assess your needs. We believe you’ll find us to be the right fit for you!

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